(She’s a) one trick woman

An excerpt of the rarest recording ever (somewhere between Aug. 1960 – Dec. 1972)

Ringo: ‘What would you do if I sang out of June? Would you stand up and …
John: Woh, woh, woh! Stop it!
Ringo: What?
Paul: Yeah, what?
John: Ringo sang ‘out of June‘.
George: So?
John: It’s ‘out of tune‘.
George: But I think ‘out of June‘ is much more heliocentric. To sing ‘out of tune‘ is far too geocentric.
Ringo: Am I supposed to sing ‘out of tune‘?
John: The words, yeah.
Paul: I’ve always thought that Joe Cocker when singing our song sings ‘out of tuna‘.
Ringo: ‘What would you do if I sang out of tuna?‘ Hmm, sounds fine!
George: What if Ringo sang ‘out of Jews‘?
Ringo: ‘What would you do if I sang out of Jews?‘ I’m all for it!
John: But that doesn’t make any sense.
Paul: And ‘out of tuna‘ does?
Ringo: Guys! Guys! Stop arguing. I think I have a solution.
Paul: We’re all ears.
John: I thought Ringo was the one with the ears.
George: Well, tell us, Ringo.
Ringo: What if I sang ‘What would you do if I sang…‘?
John: And then?
Ringo: Just that. ‘What would you do if I sang? Would you stand up and walk out on me.‘ Nothing more.
Paul: It’s got something, definitely. But I’m not sure about the ‘walk out on me‘-bit now. What do you think, John?
John: Well, as long as I don’t have to live through Eric Idle making a parody of it I guess I’m fine with it. What do you say, George?
George: Life is much like a quiz show. And just because the candidates don’t know the answer to a question or deliver a false answer doesn’t mean the question is false or deals with non-existence.
John: What?
Paul: What?
Ringo: Tuna?
John: Ok, let’s do it from the top. Two, three, four…
Ringo: ‘What would you do if I sang out of Jews? Would you stand up and …
John: No, no, no! Cut it!
Ringo: Now what?
Paul: Yeah, what now? Didn’t we decide on the Jews-thing?
John: No, we decided on nothing at all. Not even Jews!
George: Did we or did we only speak the words?
John: George!
George: Well, think about it! Like I am thinking now about our friend Joe Cocker. Wasn’t he allergic to tuna?
Paul: I know he’s allergic to shellfish. I’m not sure about tuna.
John: No, I don’t think Joe is allergic to tuna. I just had a tuna sandwich with him the other day.
George: Yeah, but did you really see him eat it? Or does he just like having some tuna around? To me he always looks a bit nervous when he is almost out of tuna.
John: Good point, George. Very interesting!
Ringo: Alright! I think this song is getting to us, fellows. Maybe we should do something else.
Paul: Yeah, let’s do something else. Let’s play Hey June.