Leonard Cohen Style!

I need my first commandment first
Before I thrill and do my worst
I’m lying here
In my old favorite you
I had to spill my cup of thirst
My dream it wouldn’t have me nursed
It burst in red and then went into blue

My life is an absorbing bin
Just put more of that litter in
You’re feeding me
But I don’t taste the peach
Today was like it’s always been
The wonder it is in the sin
I’m picking up the thing I cannot reach

Who told you what the others dare?
I think mostly they are unaware
You’re laughing now
And painting me a face
I went up just to get some air
You told me you were never there
And you precisely said the time and place

Those people here, o, they’re afraid
They think their beds will soon be made
I’m watching here
At my old favorite you
I had to pass the butcher’s gate
He made his joke and made me wait
But finally my patience got me through