I never got over those

In my bluest raincoat with my reddest undervest
And my angriest fetish
I kicked a stone
And under this stone I found love
Not just a love
A love so sad, so unaware
A love full of world
I came to love this love
And offered even the veins of my right arm
The love grew up
And became a big love
Lovable love went to school
On weekends I watched love play ball
Love made homework at home
Then love got a love
Love got a love with blonde hair
And tits and everything on it
And love kicked a stone
And love took his car
Goodbye, he said, my love

Eén antwoord op “I never got over those”

  1. ohh dat wil ik ook!!!Ik ben al lang aan het uitzoeken hoe dit moet, maar had de oponssilg nog steeds niet gevonden!Kun je het geheim van de smid niet stiekem vertellen?? *lol*

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