My finity, infinity, divinity

O, wakin’ me up in the world; with a shovel;
Takin’ me apart, apart; takin’ me apart, apart…
Writin’ novels about fuck; but it’s a novel;
Killin’ you and you and you and you; well, it’s a start!

Givin’ everybody a needle; to see I’m dead for sure;
Stickin’ it into your girl; what does her dad say?
Throwin’ up in the train; couldn’t reach the door;
Stickin’ it into myself; you know I’m dead, hey?

Hey say, wakin’ up in your trousers; and what the room say?
Seein’ talkin’-abouzers; I’m gonna leave, yeah?
Got my head up ahead; but do my neck know?
Landin’ head down first; into the front row!

Takin’ to a fuckin’ and suckin’ spotlight; into the season;
Takin’ the bitch from the beach; and put the cheese in;
And, never tellin’ the truth; because me mom know!
Well, do the ‘cripple’ now; then the fandango!

Teha, yo, starin’ up strong; and keep your eyes hidden;
Your hands are cut off; you have lost biddin’;
It is raining outside; inside you do snow;
Peter Gabriel’s here with his album; and so?

I’m goin’ in now
I’m gonna win now